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WP 02

WP 02

Category:  Full Body Harnesses

WP 02

Anchor point: Work positioning waist belt with Two lateral D-rings and one ventral positioning D-ring.

Special features:

1. H-shaped thigh strap holds the positioning belt tight & fix makes it suitable for self rescue and ascending.

2. Easy work positioning waist belt and sit harness.

3. Ring provided for tool holder.

4. Thermoform comfort back and thigh support.


1. Fray-proof dope-dyed polyester webbing
2. Two lateral D-rings of forged alloy steel

Stitching: High-strength polyester stitching

Adjustability: Size adjustment straps at waist and thighs

Standard: Conforms to EN 358

Weight: 1.370 kgs approx.

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