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Frame: Non-allergic soft co-polymer for pressure free long duration use

Impact Protection: Tested and certified to impact protection as per EN166 to Level B confirming against medium energy impact of 120 Metres/sec [432 km/hour].

Head-band: Soft elasticated with locking clips.

Marking: EN166 B CE

Material - Polycarbonate.
Shade - 5
Coating - Scratch-resistant coating and antifog coating on both sides.
Impact protection - Tested and certified as per EN166 to Level B.
UV protection - 99.99%.
Optical class - Class-I as per as per EN166.

Marking: 5 U 1B CE

1. Meets or exceeds EN 166:2001 with CE marking
2. Meets high impact Requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010

Extremely comfortable for all-day wear and protect against typical Hazards like flying particles, splashing material, dust and other General hazards

Provides protection to eyes, brow and the area around while Performing passive welding.

Good field of vision having panoramic lens shape allowing 180 degree uninterrupted lateral vision.

Integrated indirect ventilation allowing air movement directly across the lens while protecting against hazards.

The weight of the goggle is 75 grams approximately.

Ideal in field of use of:
1. Large dust particles.
2. Ideal for gas welding, cutting, brazing, passive welding etc.
3. High speed flying solid materials.

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