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Thermo Guard 9000 Series

Thermo Guard 9000 Series

Category:  Head Protection

Thermo Guard 9000 Series

Material: Proprietary injection-molded fiberglass compound.


1. 4 point textile suspension with slip fit or ratchet fit adjustment.
2. Adjustable chin strap.
3. High quality sweat band.
4. Size : 53 - 60 cm.

Standard: IS:2925:1984 ISI marked.

Designed for use in industries where there is a hazard from high levels of radiant heat.

Environment friendly as the material is recyclable.

8X stronger than HDPE helmets yet lightweight.

Greater impact resistance and crack resistance with cross ribs more reliable and durable.

More rugged, to sustain extreme conditions.

Aesthetic look with smooth finish – injection moulded solid colour resin for a permanent, no-chip, no-peel finish.

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