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OxyGo Optima

OxyGo Optima

Category:  Portable Oxygen Kit

OxyGo Optima

OxyGo user friendly solution made to the highest global standard. Now in India rust free & super clean. A portable and complete mobile oxygen kit filled with pure natural oxygen. Easy to use, OxyGo is a non magnetic light weight medical oxygen cylinder. With a finger operated valve, OxyGo can be used by anyone.

Kit includes: Cylinder, Valve, Regulator, Bag, Mask/Cannula, User Manual & Prefilled with Medical Oxygen.

• Light Weight (45% lighter than steel)

• Rust free (aluminium alloy cylinder)

• Easy to operate & Store

• Low maintenance*

• Deliver 99% pure oxygen

• Flow rate up to 10 L/min

• Non magnetic (cylinder & accessories)

* Cylinder periodic testing every years as per Gas Cylinder Rules


Model: OxyGo Optima
Service Pressure (Bar): 139
Oxygen Capacity: 682 Liters
Duration **: 5 hrs 41 min
Filled Weight ***: 4.9 Kg

** Duration specifed is @ 2 litres per minute
*** Approx weight depending on the accessories chosen

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