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Alumunised Suit

Alumunised Suit

Category:  Fire Proximity

Alumunised Suit

Construction: The outer layer of the suit is made of aluminised Kevlar® fabric. The inner layer is made of woolen fabric lining and the third layer is made of flame retardant cotton cloth. All stitches are done with heavy-duty Kevlar® thread. The construction of the material is user durable, non-allergic, and skin-friendly.

1. Coverall: One-piece coverall with or without pouch to keep breathing apparatus.
2. Jacket and trouser: Jacket with or without pouch to keep breathing apparatus.

1. Hood consists of FRP helmet with mica and tinted polycarbonate visor.
2. One pair of aluminised gloves.
3. One pair of aluminised leg-guard..
4. One pair of shoes made of Kevlar® upper and nitrile sole.

Applications: These suits are used widely in intense heat, fire, steam and hot liquid. Alumunised.

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