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Jewellery Tools

Anvils, Burs, Emery Paper/Stick/Shell/Stone etc.

Beading Board, Beading Toolkit, Scissors, Sorting Trays, etc.

Acid Bottle, Bench Pin, Bezel Pusher/Roller, Burnisher, Calliper, Chain Cutter, Chain Pin Link Remover, Claw Setting Kit, Compass, Cutting Broaches, Divider, Tap & Die Set, Machinist Square, Paper Cutter, Punches, Revetting Block, Ring Clamp Holder, Ear Piercing Tool, Wire Guillotine, Zig Zag Crimping, etc.

Boxes Plastic, Boxes Aluminium, Boxes Wooden, Plastic Revolving Container, Plastic Tool Box, Plastic/Wooden Box for Burs

Brush Brass/Hair Bristles, Felt Cones/Wheels, Taper Chuck Mandrel, Buffs- Calico/White/Yellow etc.

Boxes Plastic, Boxes Aluminium, Boxes Wooden, Plastic Revolving Container, Plastic Tool Box, Plastic/Wooden Box for Burs

‘C’ Clamp, Adaptor Collet, Bracelet Clamp, Mandrel with Washer, Pearl Drilling Vice, Stone Chuck Brass, Wooden Handled Chuck for Miligrain Tools/ Taper Spindles, Wooden Stand for Drills etc.

Ultrasonic Cleaner, Stone Washer Bottle, Cleaning Basket, Hemostat, Tweezers Coated for Steam, Ultrasonic Racks, etc.

Dapping Block, Dapping Die and Forming Block, Disc Cutter, Doming Block Brass/Steel/Wood, Doming Punches, Grooving Block, etc.

Diamond Grip/Prong, Diamond Paper Weight, Diamond Poger, Diamond/Gold Scale, Diamond Seller, Shovels, Diamond/Pearl Sieves, Sorting Pad, Diamond Washer Bottle, Gauges, Plastic Sieve Box, etc

Draw Plates, Draw Tongs, Rolling Mills, Tungsten Dies on Brass Plate for Drawing Wire, etc.

Engraving Block, Engro Tool for Etching, Gravers, Graver Sharpener, Wooden Handles, Hand piece Connection for Flexishaft, Universal Work Holder, Scriber with Carbide Tip, etc.

Eye Glass Aluminium/Plastic, Tripod, Eye Loupes, Triplet, Eye Magnifier on Rotating Stand, Magnifier with Light, Magnifier with Headband, Plastic Magnifier with 3 Lens, Tweezers with Magnifier.

File for Wax Work, Half Round, Flat Files, Needle Files, Rifflers, File Spindle, Handles for Files, etc.

Finger Sizer, Bangle Sizers, Bracelet Sizers, Diamond Gauge, Micrometer, Ring Stick, SWG wire Gauge, Pocket Degree Gauge, etc.

Hammer Ball Pen/Chasing/Chisel/Cross Pen/Nylon/Swiss Style, Hammer with replaceable Brass and Fiber Head, Wooden Mallet, etc.

Bezel Mandrels, Drill Chucks, M.S. Ring Stick, Ring/Bracelet/Necklace Mandrels, Cratex Point, Mandrel Adalox, Mandrel Tapered Left or Right Bore, Mandrel to hold Prong Polisher, etc.

Pin Chuck Set, Pin Tongs/Vice, Ping Tong Collets, etc.

Pliers for Forming/Bow Opening/Ring Bending/Drawing Wire/Wire Bending, Nipper, Hemostat, Pliers:-Chain Nose, Flat Nose Narrow/Broad, Round Nose, Side Cutting, Top Cutting, Bent Chain Nose, Loop Closing, Rosary, Ring Holding, Ring Bending, Combination, Pliers for Spectacles, Shears, Pliers Stands, etc.

Grinder Buffer, Polishing Chamois, Polishing Cloth w/o Rough, Polishing Cloth Siliconised/Yellow, Polishing Mitten Gloves etc.

Ring Clamp Holder, Ring Clamp European/Aluminium, Ring Clamp Nylon/Wooden with Wedge, Ring Holder with 9 plastic inserts, Ring Holding Plier, Ring Holding Vice (Gripper), etc.

Popular Ring Sizer, Ring Cutter with 7 Dies, Ring Stretcher Hand Operated, Ring Stretcher with Round Base, Wonder Ring Stretcher with 8 Pair Dies, Flattening Machine, etc.

Saw Blades, Adjustable Saw Frame w/o Tension Screw, Fixed Saw Frame, Tube Cutter Jig, etc.

Stamping Machine for Rings and Bangles, Anvils Brass, Simple Ring Stamping Device, Stamps Curved Steel, etc.

Jewellers Toolkit, Watchmakers Tool Kit, Toolkit for Electronic Watch Battery Changing, Gold Testing Kit, etc.

Tweezers D/K/10K/15F/Cross Lock, Tweezers Brass/Steel Antimagnetic/Copper/Titanium. Tweezers for Pearls/Diamonds. Tweezers with Fiber Grip/Shovel/Magnifier/Coated for Steam, Magnetic support for Tweezers, etc.

Ear Post Setting Vice, Handvices, Pearl Drilling Vice, Table Vice w/o Clamp/Revolving Base, etc.

Watch case holder, Watch case openers, Screw drivers, Hammer, Glass fitting machines, Pliers, Watch hand removers.

Demonstration Rings, Flux Dispenser, Labels (Tags) Paper/Plastic with Thread, Computer-Printed Ring Tags, Leather Finger Guard, etc.